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Magento Development Services

We support Magento site owners with busy, business-critical on-line operations with a 'no fuss' Magento development service that's timely, tailored and cost-effective.

Magento Maintenance and Support

Keeping your Magento site running well at both the human level and under the code bonnet is often a challenge. With our pay-as-you-go and contract support and maintenance services we provide a proven range of options to cover this important area.

Our Vision

Yes it's about providing the best ecommerce development and support services, but where-ever possible we want to see the on-line exchange of goods enhanced with facilities that support a re-balancing of the well-being of people and the planet, not just profit (vital as that is!).

This we see being worked out via a renewed focus on a user experience that supports informed choices aligned with real needs. It also reflects a richer presentation of a product's true value and cost, not just its monetary cost and performance when new. Finally it means bringing out the human stories associated with the product... the vision, the design, production, use and may be previous use of a particular product item. And, as such, we see this vision being worked out within the larger context of moving toward a more just and sustainable economy.

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Magento site speed... don't be a frog in a warming pot!

For a whole raft of reasons Magento sites run slower than they could or should. Very often this slowing of response times for both front and back ends is gradual and we tend to just live with it. But a bit like the proverbial frog in the pot of water ...


About Us

We have four years of proven Magento experience serving an established client base centred on the Bristol-Bath area but also with some major accounts outside this area. We are unashamedly technical in our offering, our life histories include experience of large technical and commercial software development projects. But over the past ten years we've learned to streamline these disciplines to the more lightweight, fast moving and just as exacting needs of medium sized ecommerce clients.

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