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Magento Development Services

We support Magento site owners with busy, business-critical on-line operations with a 'no fuss' Magento development service that's timely, tailored and cost-effective.

Magento Maintenance and Support

Keeping your Magento site running well at both the human level and under the code bonnet is often a challenge. With our pay-as-you-go and contract support and maintenance services we provide a proven range of options to cover this important area.


Why MageUTB?

MageUTB brings you an integrated and technically focused set of services that complements your in-house or agency supplied designers and web marketeers. We concentrate on the technical nuts and bolts of your Magento platform providing a high level of expertise and experience that allows you to fly with you Magento site and make the most of this advanced and flexible ecommerce platform.

All our developers are Magento certified and we've been building and supporting Magento sites since 2010.

We are based in the Bristol-Bath area and have clients across the country.


A few of our Clients

Taking over from the original developers we've nurtured the site through two major updates and added an ongoing stream of business-driven improvements.

These have all helped Bluebadge Company to ride the wave of their new business opportunities.

Initially brought in by a design agency to support this site, we now support the client directly. Services have included ongoing upgrades and incorporation of client in-house page designs.

Server and site performance optimisation have also been key areas we've delivered on for this popular retail website.

Built from scratch by us this includes several bespoke features needed by the tile retail sector.

For the past four years we have partnered with Collinson Tiles providing an integrated package of operational support, code maintenance and development along with hosting services on one of our own Virtual Servers.

Another design agency assist job which included technical completion followed by ongoing support for the last couple of years.

This highly bespoke Magento site uses a large 'market place' extension to show off the work and profiles of a huge range of contributing artists and craftspeople.

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